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  • WEDDING GUEST BOOK ALTERNATIVE - Your wedding guestbook should be special and personalized. This is one of the wedding decorations you will want to keep forever. Such a guestbook allows you to keep your happy memories for many years after the event. Let your guests write their wishes and create these priceless emotions
  • HEARTS FOR SWEET SAYINGS on laser-cut wooden hearts that your guests can sign on
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEDDING GUEST BOOK. Choose the size of the guest book according to the number of your guests. We create each product according to an individual order and take into account all customer wishes. So, the customer himself configures the product as he wants
  • WEDDING GUESTBOOK THAT DOUBLES AS A DECOR The kit includes a beautiful stand to place it on a special table, so your guests can sign it. Use a stand to display the frame in a prominent place or hang it on the wall (wall mount hook is included) after the event to always remember everyone who came and any good memories left behind.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP We carry out all stages of production ourselves: design concept, laser cutting and engraving, grinding, painting, assembly and packaging. Therefore, we control the quality of the product

This wedding guest book is a great alternative to the traditional guest book. Most guest books at events are simple and unremarkable but this alternative works as a charming decor after an important day, so you will never forget the names and wishes of your favorite guests.
It's not just a wedding guestbook.
Present this gift to your loved ones who are celebrating a bridal shower, baby shower, aniversary, birthday, or any other special occasion.

Choose the size of the guest book depending on the number of guests at your wedding (The more hearts - the larger frame). Each guest will put a small wooden heart inside the guest book.

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